Vera was the synth of Dr. George Millican that he disliked due to her strict nature and the lack of freedom he had under her control.

Biography Edit

Episode 1.1Edit

Vera is seen when the lady from the hospital comes around to demonstrate the new model of carer synth. Vera attempts to take George's blood pressure but George backs away. The lady she is with says that if his current synth, Odi doesn't pass the examination then he will get Vera.

Episode 1.2Edit

Vera is given to George despite not wanting her around. She angers him by forcibly moving him into the house when he goes outside to visit Odi. He dislikes Vera's control over his life. George attempts to rename her Tugboat but she says that it is not on the official list of names.

Episode 1.3Edit

George tells Vera that he wants to move his bedroom downstairs and he can clear some stuff out of an old room. Vera approves of the idea and goes to open the curtains. George locks the door on her and gets into the car with Odi, telling him to drive. Vera twists off the door handle and gets out just in time to see them driving away from the house.

Episode 1.4Edit

When Leo and Max arrive, Vera watches as George answers the door. George then tells her that they are from the church and she needs to go and make some tea. Vera watches them both closely as they come out.

Episode 1.5Edit

Vera is present when George answers the door to Niska and although George initially believes her to be human, Vera says that she detects no other human, just another synth. George tells her she is wrong and Vera goes to make some tea for Niska. When Pete comes around to investigate Odi, Vera tells him that she is the only synthetic in the house and that Odi was last seen a few days ago.

Episode 1.6Edit

Vera is powered down while Niska tries to maintain control over George. George tells Niska that if Vera is powered down too long then his GP is notified.

Episode 1.7Edit

When Karen attempts to shoot Niska, Vera gets in the way at first and takes one of the bullets through her hand which automatically alerts the emergency services. She then gets one in her head and is left lying motionless on the stairs.