Simon was a Synth rented to Pete's wife, Jill, after an accident. He functioned as her physical therapist, nutritionist and performed basic care giving tasks.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1.7 Edit

Jill begins to have feelings for Simon. She eventually has sex with him, but while he "performs" well, Jill is bothered that he sees it as a "task" and lacks the true emotion behind it. She asks him if he can't ever do anything that's unexpected.

Later, Jill calls Pete when Simon has unintentionally attempted to rape her, after she has him modded. Pete arrives to find Jill hiding in the bathroom and Simon attempting to break the door down. He tells Pete he's "in the middle of intercourse." Pete punches Simon down with a crowbar, as he can not fight back. Jill retreats from the bathroom and mourns Simon's "death" and tells him she's sorry.